Round 40: open

Entries: 7/15

Round 39: awards are up

I'm back

February 18, 2015
Long time no see :) But I'm back and round will close at 20th, so send more vids :)

Awards are up!

August 16, 2014
Finally, the awards of Round 39 are up! :) I'm really sorry for the waiting, but I had/have a big family crisis (my grandma died and it's possible I'll loose my flat because of my godmother). Yeah, life is sucks right now...

Anyway, congrats to the winners! As always, the vids were perfect and heartbreaking and I really really loved them! :big hug: to everyone who sent a vid, I love you guys :)

So, Round 40 is open and after this round is closed the 4th Best of the Best will start!

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Round 39

June 1, 2014
Round closed with 10 entries! Thank you Rose and SB for submitting :hug: See you soon with the awards :)

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Round 39

May 24, 2014
Round 39 will be open till May 30 midnight, please if you haven't submit a vid already, submit soon before I close the round :)

I've got entries from Valika, ADF Productions, RandHrShipper1, Angelic, KRL2008, BlairWaldorfQueenB, Holdt and Chayiana. If I missed someone, please let me know :hug:

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Round 38

February 8, 2014
Hello Everyone!
Awards of Round 38 are finally up! :) Sorry for the delay :) It was a great round despite of the lack of entries :) Andrea, your vid was brilliant, funny as hell, I really enjoyed it :) KRL2008, I never watched The Borgias but I can be able to understand your story :) Thank you for you all to sending me these amazing vids :)

Round 39 is open, please read the rules carefully before submitting :)

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Round 38

December 13, 2013
Round is closed with 9 entries! I hope the next round will be more entries :)

So, I've got entry from: ViDawn, Valika, Andrea, KRL2008, BlairWaldorfQueenB, RandHrShipper1, Mariapurt, Strawberrybisque and Kahesha.

See you soon with the awards!

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Round 37

October 28, 2013
Awards of Round 37 are finally up! Congrats to the winners! I love your vids, they were awesome! Great editing, song use, storytelling, action, angst, tears. The choosing was so hard! Thank you for you to all to send me your incredible videos :hug:

And some most needed noise about some great site, some older some new :)
Please visit them and participate

The Bad Bad Man Reviews

Holiday From Real Awards

Fanvid Contest


Festivids!!! :)

Anyway, Round 38 is open! Please read the rules before submitting!

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Special Round 8

October 20, 2013
Finally I have time to made the judging at least for the Special Round :) Thank you for entering Andrea, Kahesha, ViDawn and Wolfpup, I loved your vids a lot, great characters, actions, angsts, ideas :)

As for the normal round, I started the judging process, I hope the awards will be up soon!

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Round 37 and Special Round 8

September 10, 2013
Both round are closed now, thank you to ADF Productions, Andrea, Aruna7, BlairWaldorfQueenB, Holdt, Jay, Jess, kahesha, KRL2008, Mazza, RandHrShipper1, strawberyybisque, Yolyco Productions and ViDawn for submitting a vid for Round 37 and to Andrea, kahesha, ViDawn and Wolfpup for submitting for Special Round 8 :)

See you soon vid the awards :)

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Round 36 and Special Round 8

August 7, 2013
Awards finally are up! Congratulations to the winners! I really loved your vids, all of them was great!

ADF Productions, your music use was perfect like how to knew the series. RandHrShipper1, I hope someday we will see a longer vid from you, I really want to watch it more, not just a little more than 1 minutes :) krl2008, I love it how you used the song for this couple, the effect use was perfect, not much, but it truly help with the story. Congrats!

Round 37 is open now! Please read the rules...

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Galadriel's Award

Galadriel Welcome to Galadriel's Video Awards! This is a site dedicated to awarding the creative geniuses behind fandom music videos. Please read the rules and then feel free to submit. You're not obligated to link back but it is appreciated.

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