Your vid automatically entered:

  1. Best Vid: which won the most 1st place

  2. Best Edit: which won the most of all 1st place the technically categories (Effect, Music Use, Lyrics Use, Song Use)

  3. Most Original: which in my opinion the most original among the participant vids.

  4. Best Vidlet: the vid length less than 2 minutes

  5. Judge Choice: it is the most totally subjective category :)

The choosable categories:

  1. Best Action: Lots of fight, action, explosions, fight, etc.

  2. Best AU: Alternate universe, it's not happened in the series or film.

  3. Best Character: Character-centric storyline.

  4. Best Couple (conventional): typically female/male pair, not necessary romantic relationship.

  5. Best Couple (unconventional): other characters (vampires, demons, witches, wizards, elves, etc.).

  6. Best Crossover: You use two or more different fandom for your storyline.

  7. Best Drama: Emotionally driven storyline.

  8. Best Effect: The effects what you used give more meanings to your vid or not.

  9. Best Ensemble: Follows multiple characters and brings their stories together.

  10. Best Idea: If you think conception of your vid very rare, this category will be yours :)

  11. Best Overview: Best summarizes an episode, a season, or the overall show itself.

  12. Best POV: Focus is from a character's point-of-view, not just about the character and it is strongly recognizable.

  13. Best Relationship: Friendship or other (non romantic) relationship between 2 or more characters,

  14. Best Romance (conventional): romantic relationship between female/male character.

  15. Best Romance(unconventional): Other romantic relationship between 2 or more characters (vampires, demons, slash (male or female), etc.).

  16. Best Song Use with Lyrics: How you take both the lyrics and the music and make them work with your video.

  17. Best Song Use with Instrumental music: How you use the music in your vid.

  18. Best Storyteller: The story of your vid can be easily recognizable.

  19. Best Villain: it's oblivious :)

  20. Most Humorous: Your vid make me laugh a lot - the vid will be both standard or black comedy.

  21. Most Sensual: Sexy but no porn.