Regular Round Rules

  1. 1 round - 15 entries or 2 weeks and only submit your own work. 

  2. I accepted every fandom, except anime-manga and no real porn. Please write the story down of your vid in the description, because I don't familiar every series or films.

  3. Violence, profanity and sexual content are allowed, but please include a warning in your description.

  4. 1 video per round from one vidder.

  5. I accept downloadable and streaming links too (You can use: Vimeo, Youtube, 4shared, etc. and I really love HD/HQ ;) )

  6. Please link back to my site if you have a site. It's not required but it would be nice. If you affiliate me please let me know so I can add you too. If you don't own a website then don't worry.

  7. You won't see the entries before the winners are up, because I think it is the fair game, except the Best of the Best round.

  8. You can choose only 6 categories, not more (and only in the regular round), chose wisely :).

  9. If I feel as if your vid don’t fit those category what you chose I’ll reserve the right to put it in the more suitable category.

  10. If a category does not have at least two submissions, it will be held over until the next round.

  11. The submitted vid automatically entered in the Best Vid, Best Edit, Most Original categories, and sometimes the Judge's Choice.

  12. You may re-entered your vid one additional time if it doesn't win an award (like best... or Ru)

  13. After submitting please tag me.


General Special Round Rules:

Special Round 8:

  1. Supernatural!
  2. - I accept only the Supernatural fandom vids. You can send those vids too what you already submitted in the regular rounds in the earlier rounds.
  3. - There isn't codeword but don't forget to send your vid via the link for Submit for Special Round!
  4. - 1 video/vidder.
  5. - Please, tag me after you submitted your vid.
  6. - You'll submit your vid in the regular round, if you don't win in the regular round (see under Rules of the Regular Rounds 10.)
  7. - Round will close at 1th September.

Best of the Best Rules

After every 10 rounds I will have a Best Of The Best. That means every 1st place winner in each category from previous regular rounds will be judged for the categories they've won.