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Round 33

Posted by Galadriel on Wednesday, March 6, 2013, In : awards are up 
Finally I was able to finish the awards, so I can say Awards are up :) Congratulations to the winners, all of your vids was amazing :) BlairWaldorfQueenB your music use was brilliant, Blackbird I love how you told as their story and Yolico Productions I love your couple and the song choice suits really well with their story (Yeah I'm a big fan of The Rasmus :)

Next round is open. It will close as always
. Please read the rules carefully before you submit your vid!

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Posted by Galadriel on Sunday, May 20, 2012, In : awards are up 
:big hug: to everyone :) I'm bone tired because of my job but I finally finished the judging. You guys don't make it easier to do it ;) So many awesome vids again! Spuffyproductions, your vid was stunning, the editing was incredible. Camelia1986 yours shows who is Daenerys and her life perfectly and ADF Productions yours was truly moving, I really love your chose of pairs. Congrats to every winners, I love all of your vids.:hug:

The next thing what I would like to tell you I was part...

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Special Round 7

Posted by Galadriel on Thursday, April 12, 2012, In : awards are up 
Awards of the Special Round 7 are up! Congratulations to all the participant :) In my opininion to make a good trailer is very hard. You not allowed to show too much, but it has to be interesting to the watchers. Especially it is a hard work if you have to make trailer for a book or an imagined theme. So, great work, I really enjoy to watch these trailers. Congrats :)

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Awards are up!

Posted by Galadriel on Sunday, February 12, 2012, In : awards are up 
Awards of Round 22 are up! Congratulations to the winners! This round was hard to judging as usual because of the lots of equal result! :) KRL2008, your vid was a very sweet and beautiful, Siwann, yours was very unique, Wolfpup in my opinion this vid was one of you best vid ever. Thank you all for your great vid, I really enjoy to watch them!

Unfortunately Valika and WaldorfQueenB this round was lack of entry in the category of Most Humorous and Best Villain, so no award was given.
I have ...

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Round 20 and The 2nd Best of the Best

Posted by Galadriel on Saturday, September 24, 2011, In : awards are up 
Awards are up! Congratulations to the winners!
I have got a lots of great videos again :) Kayla, your vid truly show us their tragic loves. Camelia, you use the song perfect. Aruna your was excellent as always.
Thank you for your vids, I was very impressed because of all the beautiful, tearjerker, perfect vids. I would like to give you all awards, I was very sad because of my rules ;)

So, Round 21 is not open yet, because the 2nd Best of the Best round will be first. I'm thinking abou...

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