Andrea – Siva (Angel)

Aruna7 – One Thing You Should know (David Nolande)

Balistik – King of the Stereo (Matrix)

Holdt – Subterfuge (Stargate SG-1)

Holdt – Unaswered (Stargate SG-1)

Kahesha – Wishmaster (Supernatural)

Leah – New Divide (X-Men: Wolverine)

Leah – What if This Storm Ends? (Greys Anatomy)

Mariana – Don’t Leave Me Behind (Twilight)

MonkeyKingGhost – Swagg (Sucker Punch)

Moviegeek03 – Get Up (Supernatural)

Tired Eye – Ever After (Smallville)

Tired Eye – Hunter (Smallville)

Valika – Show Must Go On (Stargate Atlantis)

Victor Wonder – Change of Heart (Avatar)

Wolfpup – This is War (Supernatural)

Yamashita Hana – Feathers and Dreams (Percy Jackson…)

Yamashita Hana – I Was Wrong (Charmed)

Yolyco Productions – Tribute to Kristen Stewart