Camelia1986 - Lumos Maxima (Harry Potter)

Nance - Believe (Harry Potter)

Valika - Here Without You (Stargate Atlantis)

RandHrS­hipper1 - Just Say Yes (Leap Year/When in Rome)

BlueSalad - There's a Drumming Noise (Wuthering Heights)

Strawber­rybisque - Daytime Friends (Moonlight)

Gaia89 - Requiem for a Dream (Requiem for a Dream)

Cassie - Piper and Prue (Charmed)

Yolyco Productions - Map of the Problematique (Twilight)

xXLoveEdwardCullenXx - Because of You (Twilight)

Siwann - Merlin Will Return (Merlin)

ADF Productions - Howl (Legend of the Seeker)

Mariana - Broken (Merlin)

Holdt - Black Skies (Prince of Persia: Sands of Time)