Camelia - Don't Forget the Rules (Movies)

Leah - Whenever you Remem­ber (Harry Potter)

Valika - The Show Must Go On (Stargate Atlantis)

RandHrS­hipper1 - I'll See it Th­rough (Harry Potter)

Sublime Designs - Throught the Trees (Multifandom)

Strawber­rybisque - There's Something Going On (Moonlight)

Gaia89 - Tears of an Angel (Moulin Rou­ge)

Andrea - In Noctem (Harry Potter)

Cassie - What Might Have (Bones)

BlueSalad - Square One (Merlin)

xXLoveEdwardCullenXx - Good to You (Twilight)

Siwann - With Great Power (Merlin)

ADF Productions - Blue Horizon (Lovely Bones)

Thelosthighways - One Ordinary Day (Supernatural)

Kahesha - Wipe Your Tears Awas (NCIS)