ADF Productions - Inside Your Veins (Spartacus)

Andrea - Heads Will Roll (Sleepy Hollow)

Artanis - Okaeri (Roruoni Kenshin)

Blackbird - In the Line of Fire (American Horror Story)

BlairWaldorfQueenB - Seven Devils (Game of Thrones)

Irishalo - All of This Past (The Vampire Diaries)

KRL2008 - Sinking Like Stone (The Vampire Diaries)

Moviegeek03 - Mitchell/Annie-Never Stop (Being Human UK)

RandHrShipper1 - Stop Every Clock (Once Upon a Time)

Rose - A Killer's Taunting (The Eleventh Victim)

SpuffyProductions - The Wait (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Strawberrybisque - Alone - Ray & Gregory (Damages)

Sweetcrimefighter - Lana & Dr. Thredson - Rolling In the Deep (American Horror Story)

Wolfpup - All the Arms Around You (Supernatural)

Yolyco Productions - Worlds Apart - Catherine and Vincent (The Beauty and the Beast)


From the previous round:

Best Character: QuirkyOppossum ā€“ Iā€™m In Here (Life on Mars (UK)

Best Relationship: Valika - Dragonheart ā€“ A New Beginning: Merlin Style (Merlin/Dragonheart)

Best Villain: RandHrShipper1 ā€“ Getting Nowhere (The Hunger Games)


Submission carried forward to the next round:

Best AU: Strawberrybisque - Alone - Ray & Gregory (Damages)

Best Romance: ADF Productions - Inside Your Veins (Spartacus)