ADF Productions – Victims; Aren’t We All? (The Crow)

Andrea – Snow (Multifandom Films)

Aruna7 – Flirt, Fight, Frak (Battlestar Galactica)

BlaireWaldorfQueenB – Nothing They Said Can Save You… (Vampire Diaries)

Haider Rifaat – Who Are You Really? (Ringer)

Irishalo - Pleasures That I Call Mine: Katherine Pierce (Vampire Diaries)

Jess – Meant To Be (Vampire Diaries)

KRL2008 – A Thousand Years (Multifandom TV Series)

Leah – Easier To Run (Supernatural)

Mariana – Neon Sign (Korean Dramas Mix)

Mystic Soul Videos – You Really Hurt Me (Vampire Diaries)

RandHrShipper1 – Prince William and Kate Middleton: The North American Tour (Real Life)

Siwann – The Spirit of Excalibur (Merlin BBC)

SpuffyProductions – What Love Has Done (Community)

Wolfpup – We Are Not Sheep (Supernatural)

From the previous round:

In the Most Humorous category:

Valika – How To Train Your Dragon: Merlin Style (Merlin BBC)

Best Romance uc category:

Aruna7 – Feels Like Someone Cares (Les Bleus…)

Best Villain category:

BlaireWaldorfQueenB: My Love Is Vengeance & It's Never Free (Vampire Diaries)

Action: 3

AU: 1

Character: 4

Couple: 5

Couple UC: 3

Crossover: 3

Drama: 7

Effect: 6

Ensemb­le: 5

Idea: 6

Overview: 6

POV: 5

Relations­hip: 3

Romance: 3

Romance UC: 2+1

Song Use: 8

Lyrics Use: 2

Music Use: 7

Story­teller: 5

Tearjerker: 2

Villain: 0+1

Humorous: 0+1

Sensual: 2

Vidlet: 4

Submission carried forward to the next round:

Jess - Meant to be (Vampire Diaries) in the category of AU.