ADF Productions – Wings of Icarus (Multifandom movies)

AndreaOh My God (Buffy)

AthanNance89 – Arms Wide Open (Fringe)

BlairWaldorfQueenB – I Owe Every Breath to You (Gossip Girl)

Camelia1986 – Futuristic Lover (True Blood)

Gaia89 - You Belong With Me (The Office)

Holdt – Aveo (Stargate SG-1)

Irishalo – This Night: Tess (Smallville)

Jayce – Learn My Lesson (Torchwood)

Kahesha – Nemo (Battlestar Galactica)

Leah – In My Veins (The X-men)

RandHrShipper1 – Instrumental Series: Inception (Inception)

Valika – Children of Abyss (Stargate Atlantis)

Victor Wonder – Give Her Hell (Tomb Raider)

Wolfpup – Dripping With Sin (Supernatural)