ADF Productions - Vengeance without mercy (Legend of the seeker)

Aleisha - Fine Journey (Sg-1)

Andrea - Now three (Angel)

BlairWaldorfQueenB - I shot for the sky (Vampire Diaries)

Camelia1986 - Chosen one (Buffy)

Cassie - Who you'd be today (Bones/One tree hill)

Gaia89 - Whitout you by my side (Lost)

Irishalo - A tribute to something blue (Buffy)

Leah - Where was my fault? (Star Wars)

Mariana - Againts all odds (Gilmore girls)

RandHrShipper1 - Sharp dresssed Man (White Collar)

Siwann - God's anteroom (The Pillars of the Earth)

Sublime Designs - Keep Breathing (Grey's Anatomy)

Valika - Ba'al's song (Sg-1)

Victor Wonder - Set you free (Tomb Raider)

Wolfpup - Finding myself (Supernatural)

xXLoveEdwardCullenXx - Eat you up (Twlight)