ADF Productions - Memories (Multifandom movies)

Andrea - Happy Together (Supernatural)

BlairWaldorfQueenB - Bitch (Gossip Girl)

Camelia1986 - Immortal (Harry Potter)

Gaia89 - Addicted (Buffy)

Holdt - Fandom Mine (SG-1)

Leah - You See Your Gypsy (Titanic)

Mariana - Anywhere But Here (Misfits)

QurkyOppossum - I'm in Here (Life on Mars)

RandHrShipper1 - Age of the Hallows pt1 (Harry Potter)

Siwann - Friend's Actually (Ugly Betty)

Strawberrybisque - Forbidden (Priest)

Sublime Designs - More Human Than Human (Angel/Buffy)

Wolfpup - Dance with the Devil (Supernatural)

xXLoveEdwardCullenXx - Oh My My My (Twilight)