Moviegeek03 - Better Days (Supernatural)

RandHrS­hipper1 - For You Only (Bright Star)

Wolfpup - Better Angels (Supernatural)

Venus - Something More (Spartacus: Gods of the Arena)

Gaia89 - Good To You (The Office)

Leah - You are the Light (Supernatural)

BlairWaldorfQueenB - On the Count of Three (The Vampire Diaries)

Sublime Designs - Upspring (The X-Files)

Andrea - Elizabeth (Elizabeth)

Mariana - I'm in Here (Skins UK)

ADF Productions - The Day the World Went Away (The Walking Dead)

Rose - Fade Away (Angel)

xXLoveEdwardCullenXx - Apologize (Twilight)

Cassie - I Won't Say (Bones)

Siwann - Only She (North and South)

Valika - Everything in its Right Place (SGA)