vidders list


  Name Vid Fandom Rd
A ADF Productions Pandora Avatar 1
    Broken open Legend of the seeker 2
We love till the end Legend of the seeker 3
Pieces Spartacus 4
Blue horizon Lovely bones 5
Howl Legend of the seeker 6
It's the fear Legend of the seeker 7
A Dream Within a Dream Inception 8
Champions of Capua Spartacus 9
The Day the World Went Away The Walking Dead 11
Memories Multifandom, movies 12
Vengeance without mercy Legend of the seeker 13
Wings of Icarus Multifandom, movies 14
Super Hero Glitch Multifandom 21
Victims; aren't we all? The Crow 22
Simple math  The Walking Dead 23
Firestarter Hell on Wheels 24
Roads Sons of Anarchy 25
Aleisha Fine Journey Stargate SG-1 13
Andrea Underdog Firefly 1
  Puncture repair Firefly 4
In noctem Harry Potter 5
Spitfire Firefly 7
Don't cha Some like it hot 8
Amadeus Amadeus 9
I'll be There For You Wallace & Gromit 10
Elizabeth Elizabeth 11
Happy together Supernatural 12
No three Angel, the series 13
Oh my god Buffy, the Vampire Slayer 14
Fifth Element 15
Monster, monster Buffy, the Vampire Slayer 16
Alive House of the Flying Daggers 17
Queen Bitch Angel, the series 18
Fireflies Avatar 20
Brick by brick Buffy, the Vampire Slayer 21
Snow Multifandom, movies 22
O come O come Emmanuel
Supernatural 23
Be with me Buffy, the Vampire Slayer 24
Dragula Underworld 25
Aruna7 You know my motivations Kissing Jessica Stein 16
  Nothing I can do Black Swan 17
Tired of looking the other way Farscape 18
Calling me home to you Brotherhood of the wolves 19
Choosing my confession Alien 20
Gotta be somebody Les bleus… 21
Flirt, fight, frak Battlestar Galactica 22
AtharNance89 Arms Wide Open Fringe 14
B BlairWaldorfQueenB I'm come to you in pieces Twilight 4
    You Decided I Was Worth Saving The Vampire Diaries 8
Caught in a Fading Light The Vampire Diaries 9
All this time Multifandom 10
On the Count of Three The Vampire Diaries 11
Bitch Gossip Girl 12
I shot for the sky The Vampire Diaries 13
I owe every breath to you Gossip Girl 14
Let the bodies hit the floor Supernatural 16
In my veins True Blood 17
The sin is your grin Buffy, the Vampire Slayer 19
Angels on the Moon The Vampire Diaries 20
My Love is Vengeance & It's Never Free The Vampire Diaries 21
Nothing They Said Can Save You… The Vampire Diaries 22
What makes you beautiful The Vampire Diaries 23
Ships in the night Gossip Girl 24
Set fire to the rain The Secret Circle 25
BlueSalad Squere one Merlin 5
  There's a Drumming Noise Wuthering Heights 6
So cold Lord of the rings 8
C Camelia1986 Nobody else is gonna die Harry Potter 4
    Don't forget the rules Multifandom, movies 5
Lumos Maxima Harry Potter 6
Madness is Like Gravity Batman Forever 8
The end Lost 10
Immortal Harry Potter 12
Chosen one Buffy, the Vampire Slayer 13
Futuristic lover True Blood 14
Barrel of a gun True Blood 15
Darkness and light Harry Potter 17
Letters from the sky Buffy, the Vampire Slayer/Angel the series 19
The devil makes us sin True Blood 20
Crawling True Blood 21
One caress Interview With the Vampire 24
Lost soul Dollhouse 25
Cassie When you're gone Bones 1
  White horse Bones 2
At the beginning Bones 3
Things left unsaid Bones 4
What might have
Bones 5
Piper and Prue Charmed 6
Soldier Bones 7
Teardrops Bones 8
When You Say Nothing at All Bones 9
I won't say Bones 11
Who you'd be today Bones/One Tree Hill 13
I won't say Bones 20
What hurts the most Bones 25
Christine This woman's work Buffy, the Vampire Slayer/Angel the series 17
E ElleSacrifice Serenity Trailer Serenity/Firefly 9
  Evangeline My dead love Buffy, the Vampire Slayer 16
G Gaia89 Stories Big Fish 1
    Anywhere but here 500 days of summer 3
Tears of an angel Moulin Rouge 5
Requiem for a Dream Requiem for a Dream 6
Boulevard of Broken Dreams  Heroes 7
Good to you The Office 11
Addicted Buffy, the Vampire Slayer 12
Without you by my side Lost 13
You Belong with me The Office 14
Angels on the Moon Friday Night Lights 15
Misfits 16
Life after you Lost 20
H Haider Rifaat Who are you really? Ringer 22
  Holdt Breath you in Stargate SG-1 1
  Goddess of battle Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis 2
Other Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis 3
Black Skies Prince of Persia: Sands of time 6
Solar Stargate SG-1 7
Double deal Stargate SG-1 8
Run away Stargate SG-1 10
Fandom mine Stargate SG-1 12
Aveo Stargate SG-1 14
Collision Stargate Atlantis 15
Let me stay Stargate SG-1 16
Slipping Stargate SG-1 17
Unanswered Stargate SG-1 18
Apology Stargate SG-1 21
Do you Matrix 22
Estus Immortalis Werewolf 24
Holdt and Darcy Wicked Stargate SG-1 4
I Irishalo A tribute to something blue Buffy, the Vampire Slayer 13
    This night: Tess Smallville 14
Breathe me Buffy, the Vampire Slayer 17
Blood, Ice and Ashes Smallville 18
Running up that hill Buffy, the Vampire Slayer 19
Rewind Buffy, the Vampire Slayer 20
Pleasures That I Call Mine: Katherine Pierce The Vampire Diaries 22
Personals: Caroline The Vampire Diaries 23
Delena and Spuffy The Vampire Diaries/Buffy the Vampire Slayer 24
What the Water Gave Me: Katherine The Vampire Diaries 25
J Jayce In her eyes Merlin 2
    Learn my lesson Torchwood 14
Jess Meant to be The Vampire Diaries 22
  Colour the sky The Vampire Diaries 23
O death The Vampire Diaries 24
We found love The Vampire Diaries 25
Joanna Firework Nina Dobrev 2
K Kahesha Trouble Hawaii Five-0 2
    This is my time Stargate SG-1 3
Wipe your tears away NCIS 5
Raise your glass Battlestar Galactica 9
Nemo Battlestar Galactica 14
Everybody Hurts Supernatural 15
We might fall Battlestar Galactica 16
Eat it Multifandom, tv series 23
KRL2008 You Should have never left The Vampire Diaries 19
  No life without you Spartacus 20
She is love Merlin 21
A thousand years Multifandom, tv series 22
Find my way to your heart Multifandom  23
L Leah Use somebody X-men 3
    Elizabeth can't go back Pirates of the Caribbean
Whenever you remember Harry Potter 5
I'm not alone Supernatural 7
Calls me home  Supernatural 8
You're the light Supernatural 11
You see your gypsy Titanic 12
Where was my fault? Star Wars 13
In my veins The X-men 14
She is the light Harry Potter 15
I'll hold on to it Harry Potter 16
What if this storm end? Grey's Anatomy 17
The downfall and rise of Anakin Skywalker Star Wars 18
Tonight you will sleep for good Grey's Anatomy 19
She belongs to Fairytales Pirates of the Caribbean
Losing your memory Lion King 21
Easier to run Supernatural 22
Teenage dream Grey's Anatomy 23
To your grave Supernatural 24
Echo Supernatural 25
M Mariana Shattered Glass Chuck 1
    Across time Legend of the seeker 2
I'll break through Merlin 3
Broken Merlin 6
This night The Vampire Diaries 7
Eager to betray Merlin 9
I'm in here Skins UK 11
Anywhere but here Misfits 12
Against all odds Gilmore girls 13
What if? Merlin 15
Received Sucker Punch 17
Find a way Gilmore girls 18
Neon Sign Korean Dramas Mix 22
I'll be
missmaryXDD You can take everything I have Game of Thrones/The Borgias 17
  Love is a bird The Borgias 18
Fire and blood Game of Thrones 21
Angels Game of Thrones 24
Moviegeek03 Get up  Supernatural 8
  Goodbye From the Start Supernatural 9
This is your life Supernatural 10
Better days Supernatural 11
Losing your memory Harry Potter 17
Movegieek03 & KRL2008 Made to be broken Multifandom  18
Mystic Soul Videos Eyes of a stranger The Vampire Diaries 19
  You really hurt me The Vampire Diaries 22
N Nance Believe Harry Potter 6
Q QuirkyOpossum Fix you Fringe 1
    Chemistry of a Car Crash Alice 7
Pure imagination Fringe 10
I'm in here Life on Mars 12
R RandHrShipper1 Gravity Firefly 2
    I don't hook up Twilight 3
Lovestoned Pride and Prejudice 4
I'll see it through Harry Potter 5
Just say yes Leap Year/When in Rome 6
From the moment Star wars 7
Rusty halo Star trek 8
Dare to believe Harry Potter 9
Closer Movies 10
Only for you Bright Star 11
Age of the Hallows pt1 Harry Potter 12
Sharp dressed man White Collar 13
Instrumental Series: Inception Inception 14
The Royal wedding The British Royal Family 15
Age of the Hallows pt2 Harry Potter 16
Amazing The British Royal Family 17
Ron is Hermione's rocketer Harry Potter 18
The Instrumental series: The Inheritance The Inheritance 19
The painted veil - Goddess of mine The Painted Veil 20
Make it without you Harry Potter 21
Prince William and Kate Middleton: The North American Tour The British Royal Family 22
Find me Once upon a time 23
Graham/The Huntsman - Prisoner Once upon a time 24
No one like you This means war 25
Reggie Sousounde Multifandom, Movies 4
Rose All that I'm living for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 1
  Forgetting Hide 2
One moment more Dying young 3
Making circles Hide 4
Fade away Angel the series 11
Permanent Falling Skies 23
Citizen Soldier Falling Skies 24
Prelude 12-21 Falling Skies 25
S Siwann With great power Merlin 5
    Merlin will return Merlin 6
Closer Merlin 7
Follow You or Follow Me Merlin, the movie 8
Hakuna Matata Merlin 9
Only she North and South 11
Friend's Actually Ugly Betty 12
God's Anteroom The Pillars of the Earth 13
The Fear Game of Thrones 15
We'll never forget you Game of Thrones 18
The Spirit of Excalibur
Merlin 22
SmokeyFizz End of the day Avatar 7
SpikeJem Edward and Bella Twilight 1
  Breathe away Bones 3
SpuffyProductions What love has done Community 22
  They'll never leave The Vampire Diaries 23
Like a stranger The Vampire Diaries 24
The ones, who stand Buffy, the Vampire Slayer 25
Strawberrybisque According to you V 2009 3
  Father Jack: Shattered V 2009 4
There's something going on Moonlight 5
Daytime friends Moonlight 6
Affair of the heart V 2009 10
Forbidden Priest 12
Sublime Designs Through the trees Multifandom 5
  Venus & Henry - Chances Movies 7
Bring me to the life The Stepfather/The Unborn 9
Jugged - Vampire Unleashed Daybreakers 10
Upsring The X-files 11
More Human Than Human Angel/Buffy 12
Keep Breathing Grey's Anatomy 13
Time is running out The Vampire Diaries 15
T Thelosthighways One ordinary day Supernatural 5
    Shattered The Vampire Diaries 7
Tired Eye Hunter Smallville 16
  Vampire Pride and Prejudice 17
Hometown glory True Blood 18
A thousand years Doctor Who 19
Crazy English Summers Harry Potter 20
I bruise easily Smallville 21
V Valika Since ancient time Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis 3
    Dr Zelenka's Adventures Stargate Atlantis 4
The Show must go on Stargate Atlantis 5
Here without you Stargate Atlantis 6
Darkness has come Stargate SG-1  7
Love, Love, Love Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis 9
Imminent Domain Merlin 10
Everything in its Right Place Stargate Atlantis 11
Ba'al's song Stargate SG-1 13
Children of Abyss Stargate Atlantis 14
Gifted Thoughcrimes 15
Voodoo Stargate Atlantis 16
Sheppard and Women Stargate Atlantis 18
The Battle at Antarctica Stargate SG-1 19
The Promise Within Merlin 20
How to Train Your Dragon: Merlin Style Merlin 21
Feeling Good Rise of the Planet Apes 23
Fight with us Stargate 24
Everyday superheroes The Incredibles 25
Venus Something more Spartacus: Gods of the Arena 11
  Battlegrounds Man From Nowhere 16
Victor Wonder Set you free Tomb Raider 13
  Give her hell Tomb Raider 14
Discover Avatar 16
Armed and Dangerous Multifandom, movies 17
Sensational Lara Tomb Raider 18
100% Lara Tomb Raider 19
Avenging Angels Multifandom  21
W Wolfpup The Legends of old Merlin 2
    Rain Down on me Supernatural 8
We all fall Supernatural 9
Falling Down Supernatural 10
Better Angels Supernatural 11
Dance with the devil Supernatural 12
Finding myself Supernatural 13
Dripping with sin Supernatural 14
Favourite disease Supernatural 15
Stop and stare Supernatural 16
Get out alive Supernatural 17
Watch over you Supernatural 18
Bent Supernatural 19
Soldier Supernatural 20
The Brotherhood of truth and justice Boondock Saints 21
We are not sheep Supernatural 22
A little less conversation
Supernatural 23
The storm Supernatural 24
Small Crime Supernatural 25
X xXLoveEdwardCullenXx Helplessly Trapped Titanic 1
    Never give up Titanic 3
One step closer Twilight 4
Good to you Twilight 5
Because of you Twilight 6
The decision Twilight 7
Bliss Twilight 8
Love under key Twilight 9
Apologize Twilight 11
Oh my my my Twilight 12
Eat you up Twilight 13
Play with fire Twilight 15
Y Yamashita Hana Only One Buzzer Beat 15
    I'm still here Charmed 16
It's alright 10 things I hate about you 17
Nothing is real Kurosagi 18
Ashita no saiko Ashita No Joe 19
Yolyco Productions I see you Twilight 2
  Only time Remember me 3
Let me sign Twilight 4
Map of the Problematique Twilight 6
Breaking Dawn Trailer Twilight 7
Bittersweet Twilight 8
You found me Remember Me/Welcome to the Rileys 9
Can't Live Without My Life Twilight 10
My broken heart  Twilight 15
Fragments of our love Twilight 21
I knew I'd find you Twilight 24
Yusagi How it ends Doctor Who 20