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Round 23 Awards

Posted by Galadriel on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 Under: awards are up

Awards of Round 23 and Special Round 6 are up! You guys are amazing!

First, 9 of you sent me your very first vid. It was an honour to see them. I can see how amazing vidders you became, because I know almost all of your vids. I can see the foundations of your vidding skills, your style :) It was an amazing experience :) Thank you again :hug:

Round 23 was an extra tough round. I think I have to get use to it ;)

Irishalo, Kahesha (good to see you again btw), Valika, your vid was enthralling. Irishalo, about your effect use and editing skills was absolutely fascinating. Kahesha, your song and footage choice made me laugh. Valika, your vid was very touching (Ahogy már mondtam azt hiszem, a zene és a téma egyszerűen egymásért kiáltott és te nagyon jól megfogtad mindkettő lényegét). Thank you for your, all of your vid! RandHrShipper1, KRL2008, ADF Productions, BlairWaldorfQueenB and the others, I could list and say about the same all of your vid, but I had to choose. I hope, I will see you in the next round :) which is open now!

Please read the rules carefully, because I changed some categories!

So, Round 24 is open! Round will close as usual: 15 submissions or on 7th of March at midnight CET.


Please make sure when you submit your vid, your email address is correct. Thank you :)

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