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Posted by Galadriel on Sunday, May 20, 2012 Under: awards are up
:big hug: to everyone :) I'm bone tired because of my job but I finally finished the judging. You guys don't make it easier to do it ;) So many awesome vids again! Spuffyproductions, your vid was stunning, the editing was incredible. Camelia1986 yours shows who is Daenerys and her life perfectly and ADF Productions yours was truly moving, I really love your chose of pairs. Congrats to every winners, I love all of your vids.:hug:

The next thing what I would like to tell you I was participate a new website which is dedicate to vidding. Please visit it, leave a comment :) Its name is Vidders Digest, and you can find so many things about vidding! Vidding tips, articles, fandoms and so many other things :) I hope you'll like it :)

Last but not least: Round 28 is open now!

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