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Posted by Galadriel on Saturday, September 29, 2012 Under: awards are up
I'm back with the awards as I promised just in time :) Congratulations to the winners! I hope I'll see you all around the next rounds, I would love to see more vids from you both old or new ones.

This Best of the Best was very hard, so many excellent vid, so hard to choose as always but I made it! :) Those who didn't win, don't think that I don't love your vid, I love them too. The differences between the places were so small so I decided I'll give 4th places too.

This time I tried a new thing with the award making, I hope you don't mind, because of the
size of the awards. I used  Adobe After Effects program the first time and took me a long time to figured it out how to work basically and yet I don't know how to make a little bit smaller sized gifs with the same resolutions. So if anybody could help me with this program, please let me know :) and please let me know if you have trouble to download your awards too, I'll figure out something.

Round 31 is open now! I didn't change the rules or anything else, I think it worked well. In the future I plan to run special round again too. Round 31 will close as always. Please read the rules before you submit your vid!

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